7 days trip with flight.

PCTO in Berlin: A Mix of History, Art and Language

Discover the enchanting city of Berlin in a unique and enriching way with our innovative travel program, designed to combine language learning with cultural and social exploration. 

This immersive experience, offered by Inlingua Sprachzentrum and Berlincolor Education, combines German language lessons with afternoon activities that deepen soft skills and cultural orientation.

Take part in German language lessons designed by Inlingua Sprachzentrum, an institute with over twenty years of experience in the field of language education. These lessons are not only educational, but also interactive and engaging, allowing you to apply what you have learned in real contexts.

Berlincolor Education, specialized in innovative educational paths, coordinates the afternoon activities. These experiences are designed to integrate linguistic knowledge with an insight into the cultural and social life of Berlin. The combination of classroom learning and field experiences offers a holistic approach to learning, making your trip to Berlin not only educational but also unforgettable.

Join us for an educational adventure in Berlin, where language and culture come together to create an unparalleled learning experience.

Cultural and Linguistic Experience in BerlinTrip 

  • HighlightsTraces of Nazism: Relive history in the heart of Berlin, between the Reichstag and the Topography of Terror.
  • Prussian Berlin: Immerse yourself in the Enlightenment past along Unter den Linden.
  • The Berlin Wall: Walk through the history of a divided city, from Checkpoint Charlie to the Bernauer Strasse Memorial.
  • Vibrant Street Art: Discover creative Berlin between murals and urban art.
  • Artistic Treasures: Admire masterpieces at the Alte Nationalgalerie, witness to 19th century art.
  • Sachsenhausen Memorial: An intense day to understand the history of the concentration camp.

Day 1: Legacy of Nazism

Arrival in Berlin and transfer to the hotel. Afternoon dedicated to visiting the historical sites of Nazism, including the Reichstag and the Topography of Terror, to understand the impact of the dictatorship on the city.

Day 2: Immersion in Prussian History

Morning tour of historic Berlin, exploring Unter den Linden boulevard and Alexanderplatz. Afternoon with a visit to the dome of the Parliament and the Jewish Museum, to learn more about Jewish history and German architecture.

Day 3: Traces of the Berlin Wall

Morning focused on the Berlin Wall, with a visit to Checkpoint Charlie and the Bernauer Strasse Memorial. Afternoon at the Stasimuseum, to explore the history of the GDR.

Day 4: Berlin and Street Art

Day dedicated to street art in Berlin, with a guided tour of the Kreuzberg district and visit to the Urban Nation, the center of urban culture.

Day 5: Treasures of the Alte Nationalgalerie

Morning visit to the Alte Nationalgalerie, to admire masterpieces of 19th century art. Free afternoon or further cultural activities.

Day 6: Sachsenhausen Memorial

Tour to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial, for an in-depth look at National Socialism and its atrocities.

Day 7: Return

Departure from Berlin and return to Venice, conclusion of the PCTO

Length of the stay
7 days
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