9 day trip by ship

Educational trip to Greece

Educational itinerary to discover Greece. See the travel program.

Day 1: Departure and journey to Igoumenitsa

The journey begins early from Udine, with an exciting coach ride to Ancona. Here, we will embark for Igoumenitsa, starting a night of sailing. This experience offers the opportunity to reflect on the expectations of the trip and to familiarize yourself with the group.

Day 2: from Meteore to Kalambaka

After breakfast on board, we arrive in Igoumenitsa and head towards Kalambaka. Here, we will visit two of the famous Meteora monasteries, extraordinary examples of Byzantine architecture, and have lunch in a local restaurant. The evening ends with an overnight stay at the Hotel Antoniadis.

Day 3: Delphi and Athens

Continuing towards Delphi, we will explore its famous museum and archaeological site, immersing ourselves in ancient history. After lunch in Delphi, we will move towards Athens, staying overnight in the Crystal City and Golden City Hotels, preparing for the discovery of the Greek capital.

Day 4: Athens and its treasures

Dedicated entirely to Athens, we will visit the National Archaeological Museum and the Acropolis, two pillars of Greek history and culture. This day will be a deep dive into the roots of Western civilization, with the evening spent in the hotels themselves.

Day 5: Athens and Argolis

The fifth day takes us to the Acropolis Museum and the archaeological site of Cape Sounion. After a free lunch, we will head towards Tolo, in Argolis, for dinner and an overnight stay at the Flisvos Hotels.

Day 6: Epidaurus, Mycenae and Nemea

This day is dedicated to visiting the archaeological sites of Epidaurus, Nemea and Mycenae, offering historical and cultural insights. We will have lunch in Mycenae, concluding the day in Tolo for the overnight stay.

Day 7: Ithomi and Olympia

After breakfast, we will leave for Ithomi, visiting its archaeological site. Lunch will follow in the area, before reaching Olympia, where we will stay overnight at the Olympia Palace Hotel, anticipating the next day's discoveries.

Day 8: Olympia, Patras and return navigation

We will explore the Olympia Museum and archaeological site, followed by a sightseeing lunch. In the afternoon, we will embark in Patras, starting our return journey with a dinner on board.

Day 9: conclusion of the trip and return to Italy

Our educational journey ends with the day of return. After a breakfast on board, the group prepares for disembarkation in Ancona, expected in the afternoon. The bus transfer to Udine follows.

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9 days
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