Trekking & Hiking in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Travelling on foot to discover the territory.

The Experience

In this section you can freely build your perfect itinerary, choosing your favorite routes. We will take care of transportation, overnight stays, dinners, relaxation and recreation after your day of hiking! 

Friuli-Venezia Giulia offers a variety of hiking trails, from easy paths suitable for beginners to more challenging ones for experienced hikers. On this page you will find some of them divided by area, but that's not all of them! Contact us for more information. Contact us | Turismo85

Slovenia to Italy: The Walk of Peace

Characteristics: Easy, Medium, Challenging

About the route: Extending a total of 230 kilometers, it crosses both Slovenia and Italy. It winds through picturesque scenery, offering overnight opportunities, local culinary delights and a chance to soak in the rhythm of daily life. Trails through the high mountains, dirt roads along the Soča River, old military mule tracks, and paths through Karst meadows and Brda vineyards present hikers with varied challenges, rewarding them with spectacular views ranging from the Alps to the Adriatic.

Overnight accommodations: mountain huts, B&Bs, hotels

Alpe Adria Trail: Ring of Three Nations Italy, Slovenia, Austria

Characteristics: Easy, Medium, Challenging

About the route: This long-distance trek begins at the foot of Austria's highest mountain, the Grossglockner, and winds 750 kilometers through Carinthia, Slovenia and the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Italy. The trail ends on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, in the Trieste area. 

 Overnight stay: Refuge, B&B, hotels. 

Tips for a 7-day loop tour crossing the three borders:

  • 1st Day: Tarvisio (ITA) - Fusine Lakes-Rifugio Zacchi (ITA)

  • 2nd Day: Fusine-Rifugio Zacchi (ITA) - Kranjska Gora (SLO) 

  • 3rd Day: Kranjska Gora (SLO) - Baumgartnerhoehe (AUSTRIA) 

  • 4th Day: Baumgartnerhoehe (AUSTRIA) - Villach -Warmbad (AUSTRIA)

  • 5th Day: Villach-Warmbad (AUSTRIA) - Feistritz an Gail (AUSTRIA) 

  • 6th Day: Feistritz an Gail (AUSTRIA) - Valbruna (ITA) 

  • 7th Day: Valbruna (ITA) - Monte Lussari-Tarvisio (ITA)

The Eastern Hills: Among vineyards and rolling hills

Features: Easy, suitable for families 

About the area: Paths and routes accessible to all: perfect for those approaching the mountains for the first time, particularly suitable for families with children. They usually pass through undergrowth, vineyards and hills, offering a difficulty-free experience. These routes are short, they can be built without changing hotels or B&Bs, the difference in altitude is minimal and they never exceed high altitudes. 

Overnight stay: Farmhouses or B&Bs among the vineyards or cottages in the woods. 

 Route suggestions: 

  • Path of the Vigne Alte 
  • Monte Quarin (La Viarte) 
  • Plessiva 
  • Forest Castagnavizza 
  • cycle/pedestrian tunnel Cima Montestella 
  • Monte Sabotino 
  • Peace Park

Julian Alps: the Tarvisio area

Characteristics: Easy, Medium, Challenging

About the area: An intricate network of paths winds through green landscapes, from the suggestive Valle dei Laghi di Fusine to the picturesque Val Saisera. Following the tracks of the cross-country trails and forest roads, anyone can venture out, whether they are looking for a peaceful walk or want a more challenging physical activity. Numerous absolutely unexpected walking itineraries are available, some of which are just a few steps from town centers and immersed in incredible nature. 

 Overnight stay: Farmhouses or B&Bs, hotels and refuges. 

 Route suggestions: 

  • Mount Ostering 
  • Monte Forato 
  • Cima Cacciatore 
  • Slizza ravine 
  • Mount Lussari 
  • Fusine lakes & Zacchi refuge 
  • Predil Lake and Cima del Lago 
  • Gilberti refuge 
  • Saisera Wild Track 
  • Malga Priu

Carnic and Julian Alps and Prealps

Characteristics: Easy, Medium, Challenging 

About the area: Explore the natural wonders of the Julian Alps and Pre-Alps through trekking routes. The well-marked paths will lead you through lush forests, green valleys and spectacular views. Climbing the peaks of the Julian Alps and Prealps offers a unique perspective on the pristine beauty of this region, rich in unique flora and fauna. a place suitable for both expert hikers and beginners and families with children. 

Overnight stay: Farmhouses or B&Bs, hotels and refuges. 

Route suggestions: 

  • Sauris mountain pastures 
  • Marinelli refuge 
  • Mount Lodin 
  • imau Crete 
  • Pinzano ring 
  • Malga Coot 
  • Crest Path 
  • Mount Paularo

Trekking with Children

Features: Easy 

About the area: Explore the magnificent world of trekking in Friuli Venezia Giulia together with your family! These are short routes, with a minimal difference in altitude, ideal for the little ones and for those who want to enjoy the beauty of nature without facing too demanding challenges. There are many routes spread throughout the Friulian territory, contact us to create a multi-day itinerary with children in tow! 

 Route suggestions: 

  • Malga Priu 
  • Attila's Cave 
  • Pussa refuge and the secret waterfall 
  • Malge del Montasio, between cows and cheese 
  • The Pizano ring 
  • Val Saisera Wild Track 
  • Barcis Lake 
  • Predil Lake
  • The lakes of Fusine
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